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Fresh jokes about the reforms in Ukraine

Свежие анекдоты о реформах в УкраинеEndless topic for jokes.

Under all conditions the Ukrainians lose their sense of humor. We’ve gathered the funniest jokes about the reforms.

More dangerous than a monkey with a grenade only MP from the reform.


Gas prices need to be raised to until in Ukraine will live at least one Ukrainian.


The project of the Ukrainian pension reform Stephen king decided to use as the plot for his next Thriller.


Healthcare reform will work in 2018, after the introduction of telemedicine. In the meantime, the tests can be taken only on the radio.


To steal from their people need to be able to think it just reforms!


Prime Minister has threatened that in the event of failure of the pension reform he is ready to retire.

– What a pity!

– But so far it has gone nowhere…

– What a disaster!


Groisman strictly warned that if the Verkhovna Rada does not vote for the pension reform, the government will be able to raise pensions for three hryvnia, and only one.


The state owes to doctors salaries by tens of million. Now understand the essence of health reform: to dismiss all who should…


The government believes that the protest of Ukrainians against the pension and health reform – the genocide of the reformers.

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