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Fresh hit Twitter: a selfie with smiling quokkas

Свежий хит Twitter: селфи с улыбающейся квоккойResident of Australia managed to do a selfie with quokkas.

Photo with cheerful animal the young man posted on his social network account.

Campbell Jones (Campbell Jones), who lives in one of the suburbs of Perth, met quokka bike ride on Rottnest island. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to the Australian, quokka pursued him and almost asked for it for a photo shoot, jumping to the lens of the GoPro camera. To frame the animal not only pose, but also “smile”.

The pictures were taken and posted on the account about two weeks ago, but attracted the maximum attention of Internet users only recently, after sharing Instagram community Instaquokka.

Свежий хит Twitter: селфи с улыбающейся квоккой

Quokka or short-tailed kangaroo is the only member of the genus setonix family kangaroo. The animal grows to the size of a large domestic cat or a medium dog. Lives on small Islands Bald, Rottnest, Penguin and a few isolated mainland areas near Albany (Western Australia). Is a vulnerable species due to insecurity in front of predators and reduction of habitat (agricultural expansion).

In recent years, the quokka was famous for his photogenic, and tourists from all over the world hunt for “smiling” animals in the hope of making the.

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