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Fresh caricature “allegorical metaphor” Putin

Свежая карикатура на «аллегорическую метафору» Путина  New work of Sergey Elkina.

Famous artist Sergey Elkin posted in Facebook a caricature of another scandalous statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin made at the meeting of the discussion club “Valdai” on October 18.

We will remind, the head of the Russian Federation stated the following: “the Aggressor should know that retribution is inevitable. We are the victims of aggression, we, as martyrs go to Paradise. And they just die. Because even repent will not have time”.

After the world was horrified by the hateful remarks of the leader of a nuclear power, the arena traditionally acted as his press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

He explained that in Putin’s speech you need to pay attention to the fact, who is going to be, and that on the doctrinal level, Russia is not reserves the right of pre-emptive strike. That is, according to Peskov, he wanted to tell the President of the Russian Federation, but “more efficient.”

“That was the main thing, it is very important to understand it. The rest is all allegory”, – said Peskov.

A ridiculous situation when the press Secretary of “translating” the words of the President, portrayed by Sergei Elkin. His cartoon shows Putin in a black “peace angel” with black wings who is trying to “distance itself” from his remarks words about allegory (the expression of abstract thought in a particular way) and metaphor (a word in a figurative sense).

Свежая карикатура на «аллегорическую метафору» Путина

Netizens appreciated the humour of the artist, do not forget to evaluate the President of the Russian Federation.
“The fourth stage of schizophrenia – to joke on the topic of radioactive Apocalypse”, “Moved with satisfaction, the Apostle Vova?”, “An Apostle or a mutt?”, “A palindrome in the topic: “the leader of the raved about”, “About “Paradise” is an allegory, but about the “die” is a metaphor,” they write.

The word “allegory” readers successfully replace medical term, believing that Putin is “allergic to the world.”

And also explain “on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation” the cause of his brutal remarks: “Yes, allegory! And to you, Dubin, from Kerch to distract my insanity. The whole brunt took.”

Got in the debate and “talking mustache Putin,” who is called “the translator from Russian on Russian”.

Summary of the discussion were summarized by the user Pole Vetrov.

“I’ll tell you what will happen to Russia. Bliznasi stalling and telling stories from the crypt. The slaves eat and ask for more, they are interested in the story in which they are called “we”. Well, loot meanwhile successfully assigned by a gang of sharps,” – he said.

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