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Frequent sex improves memory of women scientists

Частый секс улучшает память женщин, - ученыеThe researchers found that women who often have sex, usually have a good memory.

Scientists from McGill University in Canada found that young women who frequently have sex, possess a better memory.

The researchers asked 78 heterosexual women aged 18 to 29 years old, pass a computerized test of memory. This program analyzed how quickly they remember abstract words, facts and faces.

Skoliko times a week do you have sex? But scientists have discovered that women who do this more often, it is easier to remember the words and remember the facts than their less sexually active colleagues, However, sex did not affect their ability to remember faces. The fact that sex improves neurogenesis – the growth of nervous tissue in the hippocampus, which improves memory performance. Persons are not remembered better because these images are not directly connected to the hippocampus.

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“We found a surprising link between the chemicals that transmit signals of pleasure to the brain, and memory. Even small data set was enough to confirm the theory that sexual activity improves memory,” said Jens Presner, Professor of psychology at McGill University.

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