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French punk-rocker confessed to the Bank robbery 30 years later

Французский панк-рокер признался в ограблении банка спустя 30 летFrench punk-rocker voluntarily surrendered to the court 30 years after the robbery at 2 million euros, stating that he could no longer suffer the pangs of conscience.

The court has pronounced a sentence about conditional imprisonment.

Gilles Bertino was handed down a five year suspended sentence by a court in Toulouse, in southwest France, which means that he is free to return to Barcelona, where he lives with his girlfriend and son.

The Prosecutor demanded to award the robber to five years in prison.

57-year-old Bertin was the lead singer in a punk band from Bordeaux Camera Silens. It was a response to France sid Vicious and the Sex Pistols.

The group in the 1980-ies there was a whole army of fans-anarchists.

Then in April 1988, Bertin and some members of the group, mainly drug addicts and some HIV-infected persons, made a major armed robbery.

They stole 12 million francs (about 2 million) in Toulouse, in the West of France. No one was hurt.

All members of the group were caught, but only Bertin was hiding in Portugal for 28 years.

He lived in Portugal and Barcelona, Spain, where he has a girlfriend and young son.

In 2004 he received the correspondence a punishment.

Bertin told the press that he decided to give up after nearly dying of hepatitis.

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