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Free sights of Holland. Photo

Бесплатные достопримечательности Голландии. ФотоThat can be visited for free in the Netherlands.

In any country there are places where you don’t have to pay a penny to truly have a fantastic time. Today we have prepared a list of free Dutch attractions.

Gassan Diamond tour at the diamond factory

Бесплатные достопримечательности Голландии. Фото

Curious hour tour of the diamond factory of Amsterdam will save you some rainy day in idleness, taking all the stages of processing of precious stone: grinding, polishing, cutting. The employees of the factory take guests from 9:30 to 17:00 and lead the tour as much as 27 languages. To touch the world the dazzling brilliance is completely free with prior registration. At the exit you are not forced to buy a diamond, be calm (although tipping the guide is not going to refuse).
Public library Amsterdam: panorama city

Бесплатные достопримечательности Голландии. Фото

Library is the soul of any city and place with a particular national atmosphere. For its visitors you can often get an idea about the people living in this country. In this case, a flawless Western European cultural space that meets the needs of modern man. It does not matter if in Dutch you don’t read, it’s a pleasure just to be here and to walk among the snow-white walls, looking at the catalogs of books and movies, video and musical notes. If necessary, you can use the computer and surf the Internet. And yet the main reason to visit the Centrale Bibliotheek is a panoramic view of the city opens from the Windows of the cafeteria on the fourth floor. Despite the fact that the floor is low, the ceilings of the library will be envied by any of Stalin’s tower. Late spring — early autumn will be a real pleasure to sit on the open balcony of the library dining room, sipping a Cup of freshly brewed coffee, and try to guess which house he lived, for example, Anne Frank.
Club Bimhuis: jazz evenings on Tuesdays

Бесплатные достопримечательности Голландии. Фото

Every Tuesday from September to June, the oldest jazz hall of Amsterdam arranges for all residents and guests of the capital, a free concert, in which anyone can listen to traditional jazz. This is a great opportunity to discover new names of young musicians from the industry. Traditionally, the concert begins at 22:00 in the cafeteria of the club, immediately after a two-hour workshop jazz improvisation for those who are not afraid to go on stage as a performer.
The beach of Scheveningen: sand dunes, the lighthouse and the Northern breeze

Бесплатные достопримечательности Голландии. Фото

In the Hague it is easy to fall in love at first sight because of the proximity of the Royal ratification, the Escher Museum, numerous castles and theatres and, of course, a pleasant sea breeze. Scheveningen, as part of the capital of South Holland, strewn with attractions ranging from miniature Park “Madurodam” to the aquarium and many restaurants and bars along the pier. However, a seaside resort in the Hague is first and foremost a perfect place for a picnic on the sandy beach of the North sea coast. The so-called Dutch Riviera to relax and spend time “zero.” First, every spring (April to June) in Scheveningen festival sculpture by the sea. Second, no one will take money from you for the input in-built in the XV century the Lutheran Church on the beach. Thirdly, right at the pier is one of the oldest lighthouses on the North sea — start your promenade at Scheveningen “My planet” recommends it as the final point of the walk may serve the scenic sand dunes, against which you can capture the magic moment of your journey. And finally, remember: admiring the sea, the horizon and graceful windsurfers — priceless, for everything else there’s a credit card.
Kaasmarkt cheese market tasting

Бесплатные достопримечательности Голландии. Фото

Generally, they are in the Netherlands five, and they all work according to its particular schedule in Woerden (on Wednesdays) in Alkmaar (April-September) in Gouda (June-August), Edam (July-August) and Horne (June to September). Which one to take — you decide. Network Kaasmarkt is a historical copy of the medieval fairs of Dutch cheese. “Why waste your time learning cheese, if soul for a coin?” — you will ask. Then that any seller of cheese will buy you a piece of dairy delicacies no matter how well-fed you look. In addition to gastronomic pleasures on the market you can get acquainted with the cheese porters in colorful hats and to bring a number of fun photos from the trip.
Rotterdam: city tour

Бесплатные достопримечательности Голландии. Фото

Free two-hour walk on the second populous city of the Netherlands, the company offers AiroTour. The tour starts at Rotterdam Central station and ends at the Old harbour, next to the famous cube houses of architect Piet Blom. Along the way, the group passes the bridge Erasmusbrug, the area of the modern business architecture, futuristic Church Pauluskerk, waterfront sculpture Westersingel and Maritime Museum. Registration for the tour organizers asking for €2, but this is the only fee for the pleasure of getting to know the secrets of the port town from a local resident.
The festival Pluk de Nacht: cinema under the open sky

Бесплатные достопримечательности Голландии. Фото

Traditionally, at the end of the summer, every August, on the shores of lake Hey, in the heart of Amsterdam is a festival Pluk de Nacht. Absolutely free festival organizers show his audience the new Dutch and European cinema. On the cozy beach chairs with warm blankets, in the arms of the citizens and guests of the city first look more movies, and then start dancing.

With a programme of screenings can be found in advance on the website of the festival. Tip: bring a thermos of hot tea, with the lake still blows.
Musical theatre: classical music concerts

Бесплатные достопримечательности Голландии. Фото

Free classical music concerts is not uncommon for a modern European city. Thus people of different material wealth can touch the beauty and listen to the real masters of Opera direction. In Amsterdam, for example, from September to may in the building of modern musical theater Muziektheater musicians of the Dutch national Theatre Opera and Philharmonic give free concerts on Tuesdays from 12:30 to 13:00.

Art cluster NDSM: gallery of modern art

Бесплатные достопримечательности Голландии. Фото

Ruined once the shipyard is today a real city designer. NDSM is a gigantic art space, consisting of individual artistic workshops, as well as the associated infrastructure, bars and cafes, so you can spend in the cluster all day. From time to time here free show of Dutch cinema at weekends a large flea market and summer music festivals are held. On-site cluster, you can visit the exhibition of contemporary artists (for free, mind you), make cool pictures on the background of multi-colored garages and meet with local intellectuals. Plan the perfect weekend would be to take a badminton, a couple of sandwiches, three friends and enjoy the atmosphere of freedom and youth. It’s nice that the ferry, which here gives the audience a creative from Amsterdam Central station, also will not cost you a penny.

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