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Freddie’s Dead by Daylight today! (VIDEO)

Last week we learned that Sam Freddy Krueger will join the collection of playable characters in slasher Dead by Daylight, and now we can see how he’s doing will look like!

Previously, the creators of the game have rolled out an intriguing video called “stay awake”, which hinted at the presence of the iconic villain, but his appearance there has not been submitted. Now, in the new VIDOS, we showed it in all its glory.

A small minus is that the designers clearly inspired by “Nightmare on elm street” 2010. Well, at least the dude did do the nose. It’s not the original Freddy, Robert Englund, but it looks quite bad. I want to see what he can do in action!

The DLC character should appear in the Steam on 26 October, that is today. Thus, Freddie will make the company such as its famous counterparts like Leather face and Michael Myers.

Recall, the game is Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric multiplayer survival horror involving five players, four of them are victims-the survivalist, and one psycho-killer. Available versions of the game for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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