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Fraudsters have invented a new swindle with Bank cards

Мошенники придумали новую аферу с банковскими картамиThe bankers were told how to recognize scams that prey in the online stores.

On the sites of free classified ads is gaining momentum a new type of fraud. Sellers of clothing, equipment or cosmetics risk instead of to receive money for the goods, to lose their own savings card. Experts say the scheme came to us from abroad.

Instead of selling loss

The Kiev Roman Ryabichev said “news” as almost lost 7 thousand UAH, trying to sell on OLX boiler. “I ad a man called to be a farmer. Said throw money to the card Privat, asked room. A few hours later he called back and said that the books were translated. Then I get a call supposedly from the Bank, indicating that a transit account received money from (name of the company I didn’t follow). But since it is a legal entity and I have a card for individuals, money “stuck” in the transit account, and I need to bind the transit account to the card. For ATM to enter something, but I was close, so I agreed. They dictated the number of my supposedly transit account. I entered it, but the ATM asked somehow confirm the transfer of the sum of 7 thousand: “do You want to do the surgery?” I suspected that something was wrong and did not do it.”

In a similar story were Andrew and Amber, but the money still went to the account of the scammer: “I ad called the buyer and said can transfer the amount only on behalf of the company. I made a card for his girlfriend. She got a call from the Bank and said that the amount of legal entities came to map natural persons, it needs to call code which she will receive in the SMS. She is a Bank employee and she didn’t seem suspicious code was called and the amount charged. Then, as it turned out, the money went to some online store, and from there they were transferred to the card of another Bank and after cashed. But no data of the cardholder, neither the name nor the number of his card we were not informed, saying that banking secrecy. We wrote the police report and already contacted the cyberpolice. However, there is not surprised, the statement noted”.

By the way, similar stories people describe the social networks and forums. They all tried to sell the product through ads and got into network Scam — is profit received only damages.
To return the money is difficult

Director of the Ukrainian interbank Association of members of payment systems EMA Alexander Karpov said that when the owner of the card itself disclose the criminals your billing information (including passwords, TEXT messages), to compensate for the loss difficult. “According to the survey “Gemius Ukraine” held in 2016, 77% of Ukrainians know that it is impossible to provide any card details, in addition to its number, but the number of banks shows that 76% these data reveal in a stressful situation,” — said Karpov.

Advisor to the President of the Association of Ukrainian banks Alex Kush said that just to steal money from someone else’s card without validity impossible, but to buy something — easy.

“There are a number of online stores in which you can make purchases without specifying the CVV code (the secret code on the back of the card), just the card number and verification code received by SMS. This scheme abroad brings the crooks millions in profits. Criminals usually work in pairs: one is calling the victim and simultaneously ordering online in some shop, and the second is in the shop takes purchase before people realized that his “thrown” and managed to block the card,” says Kusch. According to him, it is better to take for a habit to call your Bank and to clarify the necessity of the operation before reporting the source data .

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