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Francois Fillon is ready to refuse participation in elections of the President of France

Франсуа Фийон готов отказаться от участия в выборах президента ФранцииThis will happen if the open against his wife’s investigation will apply to him.

The candidate in presidents of France, former Prime Minister françois Fillon declared that will act with the election, if he becomes involved in the investigation, initiated against his wife.

“Only one thing can prevent me to remain a candidate: if you will be affected by my honor, if I will open an investigation. I have always said that I will not be able to apply for the post of the head of state if there is at least some evidence that I have transgressed the law,” he said.

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Previously, the French Prosecutor’s office opened a preliminary investigation against Penelope Fillon. On 25 January, the weekly Сanard enchainé (“the Chained duck”) published an article alleging that for several years she was listed as assistant to her husband, at a time when he was a member of the National Assembly (lower house of Parliament), for which he received remuneration in the amount of 500 thousand euros.

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However, as writes the edition, for several years, during which Fillon received a salary in the Parliament, in the workplace, no one’s seen her, about her activities as an assistant also do not know.

Under French law, the employment of a close person is not prohibited by law in the case, if this activity is not fictitious.

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