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France has created a unique variety of apples

Во Франции создали уникальный сорт яблок Soon these fruits will be available in stores.

The new variety has already been shown to the international Commission. A company that introduced a new variety, is going to put it into mass market.

It is known that a new variety brought by French scientists from the company IFO. The company specializiruetsya in growing and breeding new varieties of apples and pears.

A new variety, in their opinion, can compete with other apples on the market. The variety was named HC2-1. Scientists claim that it has a very beautiful and rich color, and also has a very sweet and pleasant taste.

While the IFO company is going to launch a new variety to sell only in France, but in the future, its selling around the world.

The variety has already been approved by specialists from many countries.

I hope that a new variety of apples HC2-1 do in will soon appear on the world market. After all, many people will want to try a new variety this everyday for many fruit, like an Apple.

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