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France accused Russia’s space espionage

Франция обвинила Россию в космическом шпионажеRussian satellite “Luch-Olymp” was trying to intercept military information that passed the Franco-Italian satellite Athena-Fidus

Through one of its satellites in space, Russia has been trying to intercept encrypted military information from one of the General satellites of France and Italy, said the Minister of defence of France, Florence Parlee.

“While our satellite Athena-Fidus kept calm rotation around the Earth and was approached by another satellite. Close. Too close. So, we thought about trying to intercept our communications”, – quotes its BFMTV.

Parley recalled that this goes beyond just an unfriendly step on the part of Russia and that “it’s called espionage.”

“This companion with big ears called “Beam-Olympus”, the famous Russian satellite,” said the Minister, adding that France has taken the necessary steps.

The head of the French defense Ministry did not exclude that Moscow may repeat similar actions in the future.

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