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Frameless smartphone Essential PH-1 fell sharply

Smartphone Essential PH-1 from the Andy Rubin, Creator of Android, was presented this spring, came in late summer and is not pleased neither its value nor the capacity. It is very pathetic and therefore expensive phone with almost edge-to-edge screen, and the background of almost zero sales, developers had to drastically reduce its cost.

After just two months since the release of the smartphone Essential PH-1 fell from 200 US dollars – that’s how bad it is sold. Of course, such a dumping is sometimes a hint for a soon release of a new model, but it’s definitely not the case. Total, the new price of Essential PH-1 is $ 500, so those who bought it for 700, can start to bite your elbows and pulling hair wherever they are available.

However, for them Andy Rubin has provided incentives: discount in the amount of the same $ 200 to buy another smartphone of the same brand (note that the lineup is yet one of the Essential PH-1) or of accessories, including camera 360 Essential. Important point: the new price of the smartphone to date, only in USA, but very soon the price tags will change in other countries where Essential PH-1 sold by on a legal basis. For $500 it is quite a decent offer, especially since the filling of this phone flagship yet.

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