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Frameless Nokia Lumia appeared on the photos

As it turned out, Nokia also thought about the release of edge-to-edge smartphone, and back in those days, when she was forced to release the handsets Lumia. Today, one such gadget that never saw the light hit the camera lens.

According to the description to the photo, the picture of the Nokia Lumia smartphone is a prototype, and it was created as much in 2014, but was never formally introduced. Perhaps the market was simply not ready for such shocks, but probably the reason lies in the other, the Lumia did not need anyone back then, and even the release of such a model would not be able to save the situation. Today, by the way, the Lumia is no longer available. Reportedly, Nokia Lumia frameless could cost around $ 320 and to go before the crisis in Russia, that is, it could be bought for 10,000 rubles, as many are now defective Chinese devices in terms of the giant screen frames sold by local retailers at a higher price.

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The photo shows engineering sample Nokia id326-3 with Windows Phone 8.1, and inside it is a Qualcomm 200 CPU, and the screen supports a resolution of HD with unknown diagonal. Visually, the device is very similar to Xiaomi Mi Mix, only on screen is still left for the camera, speaker and sensors. I wonder why this photo spread? Surely Nokia is preparing a full bezrobotnych on Android?

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