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Fox News: coronavirus originated in a Chinese laboratory

Fox News: коронавирус возник в китайской лаборатории

Fox News channel reported that COVID-19 originated in the laboratory of the Chinese city of Wuhan. However, it was not intended as a biological weapon.

The United States is growing confidence that the coronavirus was created in the laboratory of Wuhan. This is reported by numerous sources. He appeared not as a biological weapon, and how China’s attempts to demonstrate his superiority over the United States to identify viruses and fight them. The sides of the channel were previously informed about the actions of the Chinese government and seen the relevant material.

“Patient zero” was one of the laboratory staff who contracted the virus from a bat. Then this man came to Wuhan. In addition, claims by the media, the market, which was originally called the source of the coronavirus, never sold bats. China thus has tried to remove the blame from the laboratory.

Earlier, The Washington Post reported that two years prior to the outbreak in 2018, the U.S. Embassy staff several times visited the research center in Wuhan and sent to Washington two official reports about the lack of safety in the laboratory, which carried out the risky research of coronaviruses of bats.

Recall that the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection began in December 2019 in China in March was declared a pandemic. According to the Johns Hopkins University on April 15, the world was 1 million 973 thousand 715 cases of infection.

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