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Four ways to teach the body to burn more fat

Четыре способа научить организм сжигать больше жировThere are different ways to burn excess fat.

One of them is the ketogenic diet where carbs are virtually eliminated from the diet. This is done to ensure that the body went into a state of so-called “ketosis”.

Because the carbohydrates in the food are not available or very few, the body begins to extract energy from fats. However, he uses the fat from food and fat accumulated on the body.

When this happens, the liver begins to produce ketone bodies, supplying energy to the heart and brain. Nutritionists suggested 4 ways that will help the body burn excess fat.

1. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates in their diet

The first step in order to force the body to burn excess fat, reduce to a minimum content in their diet of carbohydrates. They should not be more than 15-20 grams per day.

Because of this the body cannot use as energy source is glucose or sugar and enters a state of ketosis. He begins to get energy from fatty acids contained in food and fat accumulated on the body.

Glycogen, i.e. glucose stored in the liver and muscles, ceases to be a reserve source of energy.

In the early days of such restrictions in the carbs a person usually feels tired, his mood deteriorates.

2. Include in your diet coconut oil it will help to burn excess fat

In order for excess fat is better burned by means of ketosis, it is recommended to include in your daily diet coconut oil.

This oil contains the so-called “medium triglycerides”. These fats are quickly absorbed.

The liver converts them into ketones, which are a great source of energy.

In coconut oil contains lauric acid, which is prescribed to children with epilepsy to convert their body into a state of ketosis without giving up carbs.

3. Include in your menu healthy fats

The next step for burning excess fat included in your diet these healthy fats:

Olive oil.
Coconut oil.

This, of course, need to comply with the measure and not to forget that we want to lose weight, and in different types of oil many calories.

And it is important that these fats were more natural and include less chemical substances.

4. Include in your diet more protein products

If you want to excess fat better burned, you need to include in the menu a sufficient quantity of food containing protein.

The protein content in the diet should be normal or even elevated.

The fact that the protein metabolized by the liver into amino acids, and they are required to make glucose, which, in turn, is required for the conversion of ketones into energy.

And protein needed to repair muscle mass, which decreases as weight loss. Fat burning occurs and a certain “burning” muscle mass.

The advantages of ketosis

Quickly reduced weight thanks to the use as energy source of fat accumulated by the body.

Improves metabolism of carbohydrates, when again we gradually include them in the diet.

With ketosis the body learns to more effectively use fat, and this effect may persist after the diet.

The ketogenic diet is quite rich. There is no “food anxiety,” which happens with other diets because of the constant feelings of hunger.

Side effects of burning excess fat using this diet

You have to understand that any diet is associated with some risk.

Although the ketogenic diet is quite natural and, as mentioned, it is quite rich, it can cause some side-effects arising from sudden change of diet.

This is usually:

Dizziness and headache. This effect usually occurs after 3 days of dieting and is that brain habit requires glycogen.

Although ketone bodies provide the brain with the necessary energy in the process of adapting to a new diet are dizziness, especially when the person abruptly gets up or makes quick movements.

Bad breath and metallic taste in the mouth. This is due to the high content of ketone bodies in the body when ketosis.

Strong smell from urine. He is also associated with high levels of ketone bodies in it.

Excessive sweating. It also occurs due to ketone bodies that are excreted not only with urine but also with sweat.

The loss of calcium. There is a link between high protein intake and calcium loss, which is excreted in the urine.

This is due to the fact that digestion of protein requires a large amount of essential acids, and bone stability is very dependent on the acid-alkaline balance of the body.

To solve this problem it is necessary to include in the diet calcium supplements.

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