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Four ways to quickly “overclock” your metabolism

Четыре способа быстро "разогнать" обмен веществMetabolism is the metabolism in the body, the speed of which depends on how the body metabolizes food.

He is the “worst enemy” those who want to lose weight. After all, the faster metabolism – even better, we lose weight. There are many ways to speed up metabolism, but we have collected those that are easy to perform.

A hearty Breakfast

During sleep the metabolism slows down so in the morning it is necessary to disperse and run metabolic processes in the body. Breakfast makes it just fine.

To stay longer fed, for Breakfast it is best to combine complex carbohydrates, proteins and fats. You can even afford a piece of candy, but only one.

Eat often, but small portions

The body a lot of energy spent on processing of food. If time to eat your daily calorie allowance – it will be very difficult. Eating often but in small portions, you will accelerate the metabolism and facilitate the work of your stomach. Nutritionists advise to have not less than every 3 hours.

To lose weight, you need to eat small portions

Restful sleep

During deep sleep produces growth hormone also affects metabolism. Strong, healthy sleep helps restore brain cells and reduces the amount of stress hormone in the blood (cortisol). He makes us eat more than we need.

It is proven that people who sleep not enough, more prone to excess weight.

More protein

The protein is unchanged with weight loss because it speeds up metabolic processes. All because of his digestion of the body spends more energy than other products.

Nutritionists recommend eating more plant and animal protein: meat, fish, dairy products and legumes.

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