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Four good reasons to stop eating in front of the TV

Четыре веские причины прекратить есть перед телевизоромThis is a very bad habit.

We’ve all heard that eating during watching TV is not recommended. Experts in the field of healthy nutrition of Spain called 4 main reasons why we should abandon this habit.

1. Overeating. When man takes food in front of the TV, he pays no attention to the signals of saturation received by the brain. The fact that the person is distracted by watching television, and this prevents him from realizing how much food he has consumed. As a result, the risk of overeating and development of excess weight. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

2. Empty calories. It is not too pleasant is the name of a food that contains a lot of calories and have almost no value to health like chips, soda, different kind of fast food and so on. Most often these foods are consumed people who prefer to simultaneously watch TV. In addition, television advertising imposes us images of fast food and the like unwholesome foods, subconsciously influencing our choice. Published by journal International Journal of Communication and Health research has shown that viewing too much TV, people often lean on empty calories.

3. Obesity. Several studies came to the conclusion that eating in front of the TV increases the risk of obesity, especially in children. Also watching TV for a long period of time slows down metabolism that leads to fat accumulation in the waist area. So instead of lingering TV dinners it is better to take healthy foods and more likely to push yourself in sports.

4. The lack of satisfaction. And note again that when our brain is distracted by watching TV, the feeling of satisfaction from eating is blocked. Even if you eat very much you still will not appear satiety and joy on this occasion. Finding in front of the TV at this point provides a mechanical sending food into the mouth without understanding how much and what you eat.

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