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Founder Google introduced the ‘flying car’

Основатель Google представил "летающий автомобиль"A device called the Flyer will sell by the end of this year.

Company Kitty Hawk sponsored by Google co-founder Larry page, unveiled its first ‘flying car’. The device is called “Flyer” and according to producers is “all-electric aircraft”.

Video Flyer was published on the YouTube channel of the company. The device is designed for flying over water and does not require a pilot’s license.

The creators claim that learning to fly on the Flyer will be for a few minutes, so it is easy to manage. A retail version of the device can be purchased at the end of this year.

Currently, the Flyer is designed only for one person and is intended only for flight over water.

“We all dreamed to learn to fly. I am very glad that one day I will be able to hop on your Flyer and enjoy a quick and easy and free flight,” said Larry page in the “new York times”.

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