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Found the tomb of “the Keeper of secrets of the Pharaoh”

Найдена гробница «хранителя тайн фараона»The tomb belonged to a priest named Kaires.

Czech archaeologists during excavations around the Egyptian pyramids in Abusir found an ancient tomb that belonged to the only friend and guardian of the mysteries of the Pharaoh.

As reported by Live Science, the discovery was made by the mission of the Czech Institute of Egyptology in Prague. The complex age of about 4,500 years consists of a small temple and a tomb, which was looted in antiquity. To have survived the statues and hieroglyphic inscriptions that have been deciphered.

The texts say that he was “the only friend of the Pharaoh” and “the Keeper of secrets of the Morning house” – the place where Pharaoh was dressed and had Breakfast.

Archaeologists are not sure what exactly the Governor mentions the inscription. This can be judged only by circumstantial evidence. So, the tomb is located near the pyramid of Pharaoh Neferirkare (approximately 2446-2438 BC)

In addition, the texts indicate the status of Ciresa. In particular, he was the inspector of the priests who served in the pyramidal complexes Neferirkare and his predecessor Pharaoh Sahur.

He was also Manager of the Affairs of the ruler and “household of Life”, presumably, of the Royal library. It contained a collection of scientific papyri.

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