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Found the similarity of children and monkeys

Найдено сходство детей и обезьянExperts have observed for chimpanzees.

Children aged one to two years using the 52 gesture, of which only two signs do not coincide with those that apply gorillas and chimpanzees. To such conclusion scientists from the University of St Andrews.

Experts have observed chimpanzees in their natural habitat in Uganda, with children in care institutions and at home. Also considered the data of one of the previous studies on the gestures of the gorillas.

In children, scientists have identified 52 of the gesture. It turned out that chimpanzees use 46 of them (89%), along with gorillas – 50 gestures (96%).

Young chimpanzees and children in order to deliver a message to stomp, clap, shake my head.

Scientists came to the conclusion that coincidences indicate that these gestures were “inherited” from a common ancestor about six million years ago.
It became known yesterday that the loss of functionality of a single gene in human ancestors several million years ago influenced many of the characteristics of modern people. One of them was the ability to run long distances.

Earlier, a group of scientists from China was cloned macaque-crab. The experiment was first carried out in the same way as with the famous sheep Dolly. In a sign of the national importance of the event monkey named Chung Chung and Hua Hua – the word Zhonghua, meaning the people of China.

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