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Found the remains of an unknown dinosaur science

Найдены останки неизвестного науке динозавраIn the Czech Republic have discovered the remains of an unknown up to that time dinosaur

On the eve of the Czech scientists have discovered a new species of dinosaur that lived millions of years ago, in present-day Central and South Bohemia in the age of the Upper Cretaceous period.

“This is a sensational discovery in paleontology. It was done on the basis of the study was found 14 years ago, the femoral bones of unknown dinosaur near the town of kutná Hora in Central Bohemia. Through long and painstaking research it was found that it was fed plant food, the lizard, the hind legs which in structure was very similar to the legs of modern birds,” reported researcher Charles University in Prague and the representative made the discovery of a group of paleontologists Martin Mazuch.

The dinosaur was assigned to the group of ornithopods – the oldest ornithischian herbivorous lizards. They lived from the Late Jurassic until the end Cretaceous period (145 million – 66 million years ago). Age representative new to science “Czech”, as the scientists assume, measured a maximum of 90 millions of years. Paleontologists gave a new kind of dinosaur name Burianosaurus augustai. Accurate description, unfortunately, only one of the femur can be done. Scientists hope that they succeed in this, if will be found more complete fragment of the skeleton of a prehistoric lizard.

Discovery of dinosaur remains in the Czech Republic, according to Martin Mazuch, is of exceptional scientific interest. In the Cretaceous period a large part of the territory of the Republic was under water. Central and southern region, as well as modern Bavaria was an island with a specific flora and fauna.

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