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Found the main characters of the “Country Christmas”

Adaptation of the novel NOS4A2, owned written by the notorious Joe hill, acquired a couple of good actors in the role of the protagonist and the role of the villain psychopath, eating other people’s souls. They were born in Saudi Arabia, she is a resident of Australia, Ashleigh Cummings and American Zachary Quinto respectively.

Victoria McQueen (Cummings) is a talented artist, which thanks to the creativity awaken supernatural powers. A young woman listens to her instincts, and takes her on the trail of Charlie Manx (Quinto) — attractive immortal psychopath. Charlie exceeded a hundred, but he is young and healthy, because it feeds on the souls of the abducted children. Victoria tries to save the victims of the villain.

Ashley Cummings vs Zachary Quinto? As for me, sounds great! Cummings was quite good in the Thriller “Hounds of love”, and the film makes an indelible impression. Quinto in turn are the images of villains: the second season of “American horror story” — that excellent confirmation.

The first two episodes of the upcoming series rejisserom experienced stage Director hazel Skogland (“the Punisher”, “the handmaid’s Tale”). In General, the “Country Christmas” is in the hands of show-run Jamie O’brien (“Hell on wheels”, “Flesh and bone”). Joe hill also is listed as Executive producer.

Channel AMC was going to produce 10 one-hour episodes of “Country Christmas” in 2019.

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