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Found salvation from global warming

Найдено спасение от глобального потепленияThere will be significant losses of coral reefs.

Scientists say about climate change for the worse in the next 20 years, leading to global warming. In a new report, the UN projected that by 2040, millions of people will die from the intense heat.

On the report on 728 pages worked more than 90 scientists from 40 countries of the intergovernmental panel on climate change.

There will also be significant losses of coral reefs and sea-level rise, which in turn can lead to the destruction of small island countries such as the Bahamas and the Maldives.

But there are a few practical ways that everyone can help in the fight against global warming. They told the correspondent of the New York Times Somini Sengupta.

The first thing to do is to abandon the private car in favour of public transport.

Also Sengupta suggested to buy less clothes or buy things made from recycled fabric, as the clothing and footwear industry contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Air conditioners and refrigerators can be replaced by those that save energy and reduce the amount of fluorocarbons (HFCs). And also to pay more attention to natural food.

The report emphasizes how the Earth needs a “rapid and far-reaching” changes in the energy system, land use, urban and industrial design, as well as the transition from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas.

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