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Found one of the oldest pottery workshops

Найдена одна из древнейших гончарных мастерскихFound devices have expanded the knowledge of archaeologists about the possibilities of ancient people.

Archaeologists made a sensational discovery in the southern Egyptian province of Aswan. A group of scientists managed to find one of the most ancient in the history of mankind as pottery workshops.

It was built during the reign of the fourth dynasty the pharaohs of the old Kingdom (almost three thousands of years BC). Nakhodka is located between one of the entrances to the temple of Kom Ombo and the shore of the Nile.

The ancient masters there was used a rotary wheel with manual actuator mounted in the recess of the stone floor.

Secretary General of the Council of the Ministry of antiquities Mustafa Vaziri workshop called “the rarest and most important” discovery. The antiquity of this kind in such good condition still in Egypt.

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