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Found new evidence of the habitability of Mars

Найдены новые доказательства обитаемости МарсаThe researchers recorded the high content of zinc and germanium in some regions of the planet.

An international group of scientists have analysed samples collected by the Rover Curiosity, and found new evidence of the existence of life in the distant past the red planet, according to the American geophysical society.

As the scientists, new data indicate that concentrations of zinc and germanium in Gale crater exceeds the same figures for other regions of Mars in 10-100 times. This may be indicative of hydrothermal activity in this region in the distant past.

Extreme hydrothermal springs on Earth, are also rich in zinc and germanium, are home to primitive organisms. According to scientists, similar creatures could live on the red planet in the past, and it is possible that their traces could be found.

In September 2015, NASA experts held a press conference during which he spoke about what he had found evidence of liquid water on the surface of Mars. Later the Agency was represented animated video that simulates the flow of water on the red planet.

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