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Found landing platform probe “Chandrayaan-2”

Найдена спускаемая платформа зонда «Чандраян-2»

The orbital module mission “Chandrayaan-2” managed to find on the moon’s surface deflatable platform, “Vikram”, on Board of which was the first Indian lunar Rover “Pragyan”. The statement was made head of the Indian space research organization (ISRO) Dr. Kailasanatha Sivan (Sivan Kailasavadivoo).

“Vikram” has ceased to contact on the evening of 6 September during the descent to the moon. At the time of loss of radio contact platform was at an altitude of 2.1 km According to the head of ISRO, she was later able to identify thermal images of the lunar surface obtained using installed aboard “Chandrayaan-2” infrared spectrometer IIRC. These images have not yet been published.

Now, knowing the exact location of the platform, “Vikram”, the mission will send her antenna ground stations and will make a new attempt to leave with it on communication. However, it is not necessary to impose on these attempts too much hope. Most likely, the landing probe was reduced with too high speed, but because it crashed, or, at least, has been very seriously damaged, making it impossible to fulfil the planned programme.

In the case of successful landing platform India would become the fourth country in the world, managed to make a soft landing on the lunar surface. As regards the apparatus “Chandrayaan-2”, it is functioning normally and has begun to collect first scientific data.

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