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Found guilty…

Нашли виноватого…

Good day to all.
The Amur region, Mordovia, Primorsky Krai… What unites these regions? The answer is simple: over the last month in these places collapsed bridges. In all cases, blame the truck drivers.
The Governor of the Amur region has determined the weight of the truck which collapsed the bridge in Free. And collapsed a bridge over the train tracks. In Mordovia for the destroyed bridge will be answered by the owner of the truck, under which the bridge collapsed. Finally, on Friday, the bridge collapsed in Primorsky Krai. The driver opened a criminal case.
Yes, many trucks drive with Overdrive, consciously or not. But, with the installation of automated scales on the roads ,such cases are increasingly rare. Only freezed in his head the drivers and owners of trucks loaded their cars in violation of the rules, knowing that they will “fly” a fine of from 150 to 400 thousand rubles.
Now let’s look at the problem from the other side. So, what bridges collapsed? Fresh or built dozens of years ago? I hope You can guess. The bridge in the Amur region was built 30 years ago. The same time, I am sure, have passed since the construction of the other aforementioned bridges. These buildings long in need of repair, current or capital, not for me to decide. But what makes our regional and sometimes Federal road service? Instead of repairing the post road signs restrictive for the passage of trucks. Driving along the roads of our vast country you can see such signs in large numbers.
I must admit that often I have to violate restrictions imposed by such marks. Yes, Yes, it is necessary. Why?— You ask. Yes, for one simple reason. If you fulfill all the requirements of such signs, then I’m on my, not very heavy, the truck is impossible to drive virtually anywhere. In addition to highways. Yes and those are such signs. 15t, 18T, 20t, 25T — here is a partial list of restrictions on the mass of the vehicle. : Signs about the restrictions placed directly in front of the bridge, overpass and other technical objects. At the beginning of the road with objects on which there are restrictions are no warning signs. Now imagine the situation: the driver drove 150 kilometers on the road, with a width of 7 meters and suddenly the bridge. Weight restriction. The length of the truck about 20 meters. What should he do??? To fly???
Recently got himself into the situation with limited axle load. The situation is as described above. Udmurtia. Sign. Libra. Protocol. Court. Possible punishment: as a driver from 7 to 10 thousand fine or deprivation of rights for six months; as the entrepreneur— a fine of 500 000 rubles. In court, present their arguments, the judge postpones the hearing. At this time my friend Udmurt make requests to the ministries and departments of the Udmurt Republic. And suddenly it turns out that these signs do not have to be. At the moment all signs are removed. But how many people have condemned and issued an unjust decision? History is silent about it. By the way, in my case still no solution. Whether the judge is unable or unwilling to deal with it, or softened.
Bridges collapsed in the last month, in my opinion, perfectly show the overall situation in the country. Everything seems nice, the sponge is smeared, the average salary is high and the economy in General is growing. And the people impoverished. And the road. Money allocated so that they do not have time to learn, “Plato” helps, excise taxes filled roads… and bridges are crumbling.
Blame is easy to find. Here are three drivers can obtain real time and fines merely for doing their job. Then no one will understand. And these drivers tomorrow can be us.
Good luck to all.


Yuri Bubnov
the entrepreneur, the carrier


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