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Found first aktolun

Найдена первая экзолунаAktolun orbiting the exoplanet Kepler-1625b.

NASA scientists have discovered an object that may be the first known moon outside our Solar system.

This heavenly body the size and mass similar to Neptune. It revolves around the planet the size of Jupiter, but much harder.

The signal from azospermia caught orbital telescope NASA Kepler; now scientists plan to begin to investigate the discovery using the Hubble telescope. Studying unusual object will begin in October this year.

Found by the Kepler space telescope the body was named Kepler-1623b I. It is in orbit of a planet that revolves around its star at a distance of 4000 light years from the Sun. Scientists suggest that the likely ekzotik was not formed along with his planet, and was attracted by its huge mass to orbit much later.

Dr David Kipping of Columbia University in new York says he spent most of his adult life in search of ectspoints. At the same time, he warns against premature conclusions at this stage of the study.

“At this stage we could describe the find as something akin to the moon, but who knows, it could be something else. We are excited … Statistically, technically the probability is very high. But whether we can trust the statistics? Until we get measurements with Hubble, in my opinion, probability of 50 on 50”, – said the scientist.

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