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Found an effective remedy against hypertension

Найдено эффективное средство против гипертонииThis recipe comes from the folk medicine lowers blood pressure and improves health.

Statistics from the world Health Organization indicates that more than 50% of adults suffer from high blood pressure.

The reasons for mass hypertension enough is and obesity, and alcohol abuse, and Smoking, and stress, as well as low physical activity and anoxia, which develops due to insufficient exposure to fresh air.

In folk medicine, there are many ways to purify the blood vessels and reduce blood pressure, but this is widely popular because it is the most efficient:

Recipe for healing broth from high blood pressure: mix in a saucepan two tablespoons hips and onion skins with five tablespoons of pine needles, pour a mixture of herb one liter of boiling water and put to cook on slow fire.

After boiling you need to boil the future of the broth for another 15 minutes. Then remove from heat, let stand for one hour, drain.

Drink the resulting broth is necessary for two days, dividing it into equal portions so that day turned out to take 3-4 times after eating.

The course of treatment with this decoction can continue for several months, but after a week you will feel a dramatic change in the first place normalizes your blood pressure.

Additional benefits of broth:

– elimination of frequent headaches;

cleansing of the liver and gallbladder;

– reducing the load on the kidneys, because the broth has diuretic properties;

– with it, you will cease to suffer from swelling;

– strengthen the immune system.

Every other day you should prepare a new decoction and drink it as long as necessary in order to fully measure the effectiveness in terms of improvement.

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