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Found an Association between the human occupation and risk of dementia.

Найдена связь между профессией человека и риском слабоумия The scientists said, which professions contribute to the prevention of dementia.

Experts continue to conduct an active search for solutions that would help to avoid the occurrence of dementia. According to new data from American scientists, a profession which one gives the greater part of his life, plays a very important role in susceptibility to neurodegenerative diseases.

The biggest danger of dementia or dementia that a person loses his memory and ability to think properly, becoming unable to service their basic needs. Dementia is always a serious illness not only the patient, but also his close relatives.

Approximately 5000 people engaged in different activities, for the past ten years have seen scientists and periodically tested for cognitive function. Analysis of the data ultimately allowed researchers to draw a conclusion about the relationship between the profession and the likelihood of developing dementia.

It turned out that the representatives of the professions requiring mental effort with age are less prone to dementia. The list of the most “healthy” brain professions include scientists, health workers, teachers, financial analysts, and air traffic controllers.

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