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Found a way to save the health of smokers

Найден способ сохранить здоровье курильщиковAmerican scientists have proved that regular consumption of tomatoes and fruit, especially apples has a positive effect on the health of the lungs.

Experts have found that drinking former smokers are on average more than two tomatoes, or three apples a day contributes to a slower decline in lung function compared to those who drink less than one tomato or Apple a day.

“The study shows that diet can help to repair damaged lungs in people who quit Smoking, and also suggests that a diet rich in fruits, can slow down the natural aging process of the lungs, even if you have never smoked,” said officer Johns Hopkins University (USA), Vanessa Garcia-Larsen.

The detailed conclusions scientists have come, considering in 2002, the state of lung health and diet at 650 adults from Germany, Norway and the UK. Ten years later, in 2012, they conducted a second survey of participants.

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Experts say that lung function normally begins to decline after 30.

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