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Found a way of detecting extra spatial dimensions

Найден способ обнаружения дополнительных пространственных измеренийThe existence of extra spatial dimensions should affect the propagation of gravitational waves.

German scientists have found a way to experimentally detect the existence of extra spatial dimensions. A study published in the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, briefly about it reports the Institute for gravitational physics, max Planck Society (Germany).

Scientists have discovered that the existence of extra spatial dimensions should affect the propagation of gravitational waves, in particular, the appearance than the primary disturbance at a frequency above one thousand Hertz. Experts note that a fundamental feature of gravity, in comparison with the other three known fundamental forces of nature, is its effect in all space-time dimensions.

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The observation of waves of such high frequency experts believe that is unlikely because of the low sensitivity of modern gravitational observatories, primarily the LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory). On the other hand, the simultaneous observation of disturbances in several observatories, scientists believe, increases the chances. For example, the new gravitational detector Virgo must earn in 2018.

Additional space-time dimensions are integral extensions of the Standard model of particle physics and of string theory in the last dimension of space-time is not a constant but a dynamic variable. It is believed that the linear size of the extra spatial dimensions are negligibly small with the observed three. The search for new measurements, including particle accelerators, have not yet led to success.

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For the first time gravitational waves have been detected by LIGO Observatory 14 September 2015, to date known about the two registrations of disturbances of space-time. The existence of gravitational waves predicted by General relativity and confirms its validity.

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