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Found a vegetable that can stop the development of cancer

Найден овощ, способный остановить развитие ракаTomatoes are very beneficial for cancer prevention.

Scientists told about what vegetable can help stop the development of cancer. Studies conducted by American scientists from Ohio state University.

According to them, the experiment was conducted on mice. Rodents were exposed to ultraviolet rays and fed food with a special Supplement. It added to the tomato powder. It was found that the group of mice that were fed the tomatoes developed 50% fewer tumors. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Studies have shown that tomatoes are very useful to prevent cancer because they contain carotenoids. They are able to accumulate under the skin and to absorb surplus UV rays.

Thus, in order to significantly reduce the risk of skin cancer, you need every day to eat tomatoes.

Note that previously, scientists have recognized that to heal completely from cancer is impossible. By far the most effective method of combating tumors is to block the development of metastases.

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