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Found a unique weapon against cancer

Найдено уникальное оружие против онкозаболеванийIntermittent fasting could delay the development and progression of one of the most common types of childhood cancer.

But with adults, this approach will not work, say the staff of northwestern medical center the University of Texas. Tests with mice have shown the mechanism responsible for different responses to starvation.

It turned out, starvation inhibits the initiation and reverse the progression of two types of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (b – and T-cell types). The disease affects the immune cells (b cells and T cells). Moreover, the cancer cells remain immature, but it does not prevent them from reproducing out of control.

In the experiment, the scientists subjected mice to six cycles is one day of fasting followed a day of feeding. And it made it possible to slow down the development of cancer. By the end of the seventh week, in the bodies of the mice did not leave visible traces of cancer. Compared with the control group, the starving mice showed a strong decline of cancer cells in the bone marrow and spleen, and a reduction in white blood cells.

All lymph nodes and spleen were normal size. Also life expectancy starving was more than 120 days vs 59.

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