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Found a thousand times brighter galaxy than the milky Way

Найдена в тысячу раз более яркая галактика, нежели Млечный ПутьThe brightness of a galaxy indicates a high rate of star formation.

A group of Spanish scientists have discovered using the telescope, the Gran Telescopio Canarias galaxy, which is about a thousand times brighter than the milky Way and removed him to a distance of ten billion light years.

Astronomers believe that the brightness of the galaxy is due to the high rate of star formation within it.

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It is reported that the opening of galaxy WISE J132934.18 + 224327.3 at such an enormous distance from the Earth was possible thanks to the gravitational lens.

“Gravitational lens, as its name implies, is a formed due to the gravity of massive celestial bodies natural mechanism to change the direction of electromagnetic radiation. Simply put — the gravitational lens allows us to increase the observed object — in this case, the galaxy” – said one of the authors of the open Anastasio díaz-sánchez.

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Scientists believe that the magnitude of the starburst galaxy is five hundred to two thousand solar masses per year.

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