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Found a simple way to protect car from hail. Video

Найден простой способ защиты машины от града. Видео The main thing – time to cover the car.

Solid precipitation are not uncommon. And often hail are suffering parked on the street cars. Experts advise how to protect the car in such cases.

A natural disaster in the form of hail lately several times covered the U.S. state of Texas. The journalists of the channel WFAA decided to find a better national defense. Examined the techniques the local people who cover their cars with goods, foam, yoga mats, blankets and other materials, they chose three of them that seemed the most effective. And checking their support at the broken Mercedes from an impound lot and the local team.

The players were aiming fastballs in the most vulnerable part of the car glass covered with different materials. Police radar recorded the speed of the ball 50 to 75 mph (80-120 km/h).

Of the three chosen for the test materials themselves are best shown inflatable mattresses that you can find in any store, including Stores at filling stations.

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