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Found a rare edition of SimCity

Найдено раритетное издание SimCityDigitized rare collectors copy of the game.

The New year miracles happen: the employees of the Foundation, dedicated to the history of the games, managed to find and digitize a rare copy of SimCity. About city-building game heard it all: he managed to survive more than one generation of consoles has been on a huge number of platforms and even now is a success. However, the true fun connoisseurs know that the list of its achievements one console – the NES. More precisely, it lacked so far: lost edition for Nintendo device is finally found.

In 1991 had announced a version of SimCity for the Nintendo Entertainment System, however, as often happens, things did not go according to plan. The release was canceled, but later on light there was a port for the SNES. Edition for the NES has become a kind of legend: it was known to many fans of the series, but seeing it firsthand was hoping no one. By a happy coincidence, in 2017 two cartridge mythical game in a thrift store, and organization of Video Game History Foundation took up the case.

The Fund has managed to learn, not only copy, but also to digitize a treasure. Files available for download, however you need to understand that this is only a prototype of the final build, so it’s full of flaws.

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