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Found a photo of the “culprit” of Kristallnacht

Найдено фото "виновника" хрустальной ночиPhoto of Herschel Grynspan dated 1946.

Experts found in the archives of the Jewish Museum the Jewish culprit Kristallnacht the Holocaust.

According to experts, the coincides with the previously made pictures of Herschel Grynspan 95%.

In 1938, the Polish Jew Herschel grynszpan killed German diplomat Ernst vom Rath. This incident was the start of the Kristallnacht the Holocaust. Event associated with the beginning of the terrible pogroms that occurred in many cities of Nazi Germany.

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The experts found in the archives of the Jewish Museum of Vienna unknown Grinspan, which in 40-ies attributed to the lost. The Guardian reports that the photo was taken in 1946-m to year, from which it follows that a Polish Jew survived the war. According to rumors, in the 60’s he wanted to move to Germany, if he would guarantee safety.

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Найдено фото "виновника" хрустальной ночи

Austrian experts decided to find out whether the picture shows it grinspan, with the help of special programs. They analyzed the photo and found 95% similarity.

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