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Found a new way to prolong youth

Найден новый способ продлить молодостьKazakh scientists have figured out how to stay longer young.

For this you need to exercise and take in food products based on Mare’s milk.

Experts invited a group of volunteer participants to learn about the effects of dairy products on metabolic processes in the elderly.

Initially, scientists did some tests, and after it started the period of recovery for a period of two months, during which every day people eat fermented milk products prepared from Mare’s milk.

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After research respondents were again tested. It turned out that all the data in the body changed for the better, and all the processes that occurred during the experiment, pushed the risk of various diseases, frequently occurring in elderly persons.

Also during the experiment the volunteers were engaged in sports exercises. It is also benefited, in particular, people have improved the condition of the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system.

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