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Found a new source of harmful greenhouse gases

Найден новый источник вредных парниковых газовNew results were obtained on the final summary of the extensive research

Representatives of the University of Delaware have discovered a completely new source of greenhouse gases, and stated that many trunks of living trees, in fact, on a regular basis emit harmful for the life of methane.

Previously it was known that the methane in the forests is exclusively allocated at the time as decomposed forest litter. The scientists also mention the factor of soil formation, and plants accumulate it, not releasing into the atmosphere. In recent years, this figure increases even stronger than in the past two decades.

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New results were obtained on the final summary of a larger study, which was conducted on a large plot of more than 120 thousand the square metres. Took Cecil County, Maryland. There for the entire period of plant development from the start and to the middle period, there have been successive measurements of carbon dioxide and methane.

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How did you find that emissions of methane from living trees exceed the value of 3 to 5 percentage points when compared with forest litter and soil.

“Our duty is to fill gaps in what is happening in the environment, it can be used for modeling of global environmental systems”, said the head of the research group Rodrigo Velasquez.

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