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Found a new reason for the extinction of the giant shark-killers

Найдена новая причина вымирания гигантских акул-убийцAccording to scientists, this could be due to their diet.

The researchers found out why 2.6 million years ago became extinct, the biggest sharks in the world Megalodon.

Based on the analysis of new fossil remains, scientists came to the conclusion that a huge 16-meter long shark extinct, as the cold disappeared, their favorite prey, the pygmy whales.

“The disappearance of the last of the giant toothy sharks could have caused the extinction of several species of small and medium-sized whale, and the advent of modern gigantic baleen whales,” says the leader of the research team Alberto Collareta from the University of Pisa in Italy.

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Megalodon existed on Earth for about 20 million years and died out fairly quickly, approximately 2.6 million years ago. The reason for this extinction was not exactly installed, but now experts suggest that the glacial period led to the freezing of water in the seas and changed the ecosystem, leading to the extinction of small whales.

Along with this from the area of the habitat of the Megalodon — a warm coastal waters in the open ocean have migrated to large marine mammals. The result is slow and cold-blooded sharks do not find food in their usual habitats.

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The sharks were forced to hunt larger whales in the open ocean, but such hunting is not always ended successfully. In addition, the warm-blooded whales migrate to the poles has led to the fact that sharks could not find food in a relatively warm waters.

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