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Found a new planet suitable for life

Найдены новые планеты, пригодные для жизниScientists have named four of the planet on which people could move.

Permanent space discoveries gave mankind the idea that in the future it can change your home and explore other planets. Because scientists have named the four planets on which people could move.

After the discovery of Proxima B other objects have also become objects of scientific research. British scientist Stephen Hawking six years ago suggested that the Earth is not eternal and one day the mankind will exhaust all its resources, and the climatic condition changes due to the greenhouse effect. Then in order to survive people will have to change the planet.

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Among the options planets on which could live human civilization, there are four celestial object. By the way, none of them are Mars and Venus, which is constantly writing to other researchers wanting to make another new discovery that is similar to the construction of aerial cities in the upper atmosphere of Venus.

The first option, scientists believe the exoplanet wolf 1061с. It, but Proxima is the nearest to the Earth. It is at the distance of 13.8 light years, because it could cross space ships. In addition, it is likely that on its surface is water, which is the source of human life. Another “super-earths,” researchers called Gliese 832 p. This planet is bigger than Earth five times and is at a distance of 16 light years.

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Its main feature is that it is distant from the Sun just like our planet, on its surface similar climatic conditions and change of seasons. Scientists believe that distant from Earth, the celestial objects, astronomers named Gliese 667 SS and Trappist 1D, could also be a place for colonization by earthlings.

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