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Found a new mosquito species, are not interested in the blood

Найден новый вид комаров, которых не интересует кровьInsects feed on decaying organic matter and do not carry disease

Scientists of the Estonian University of life Sciences, the University of Turku and the University of são Paulo (Brazil) have jointly opened in South and Central America not previously known species of mosquitoes.

Five new insect species from Colombia and Costa Rica are described in an article published in April in the journal of biological taxonomy ZooKeys, said the Agency BNS press Secretary of the University of natural Sciences.

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It is a small mosquito about 2 mm in length. They live in tropical rain forest, and their numbers are very high due to the local humid and hot climate.

These mosquitoes do not drink blood nor human, nor other animals and do not spread disease, said one of the authors is a senior researcher at the Department of Zoology, University of natural Sciences Olavi Kurina. But, according to him, their larvae feed on decaying organic matter and play an important role as reducent.

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Kurina said that a large part of the used material collected at the initiative of the University of Kentucky and that “Estonian scientists helped to describe the already captured insects”.

New species of mosquitoes named for their morphological differences.

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