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Found a living creature with a head but no body

Найдено живое существо с головой, но без телаAt the bottom of the Pacific ocean, researchers have discovered the larva of the worm, which had no body, only head.

Researchers have discovered an unusual living creature that has a head but no body. This feature, however, characteristic only for the early stages of development of the animal.

On the bottom of the Pacific researchers have discovered the larva worm that represents only a head, without a body. The latter is formed then, with the development of living beings. This feature, according to scientists, helps the larva to swim.

It all started with the fact that the researcher Paul Gonzalez (Paul Gonzalez) from Stanford University, along with colleagues decided to answer some questions related to the metamorphoses that occur with some marine animals as they grow. Scientists watched the larvae turn into adults. Near the coast of California experts found the worm Schizocardium californicum, which, as it turned out, has an unusual ability. Free-floating larvae Schizocardium californicum was something like the head of an adult devoid of body.

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The larvae of the worm feed on plankton and living on the ocean floor the adults eat the remains of other creatures, “falling” on them. According to scientists, the larval stage of the animal off the genes that are responsible for the growth of the body. The latter begins to form only when the larva already has the desired body weight or gaining a sufficient amount of nutrients.

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Scientists can not yet explain exactly how the activation of genes responsible for the growth of the “tail”. Answers to questions will help monitor the “relatives” of the worm – some polugodovymi who grow up “normal.”

Earlier, it was reported on a very unusual experiment, which managed to create a worm with the head from another. In the role of “volunteer” was made by the representative Girardia dorotocephala. The experiment was made using manipulation of electrical synapses in the body of a living being. This experiment provided new evidence that the development of the organism depends not only on genetics. However, in more complex organisms this experiment to conduct would have failed.

Найдено живое существо с головой, но без тела

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