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Found a giant quantum phenomenon

Найден гигантский квантовый феноменAccretion disks orbiting around massive astronomical objects that deform due to macroscopic quantum effects.

The motion of particles in disks depends on the gravity of the Central body and the interaction between the particles. Although the trajectory of the substance resembles the circular orbit of planets around other stars, over time, there are large-scale distortions, the cause of which was unknown to astrophysicists.

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Batygin explained this phenomenon using perturbation theory to simplify complex phenomena. Instead of treating each particle of matter, the accretion disk can be modeled as a series of concentric infinitesimally small “wires” that are rotated and exchanged between the orbital moment.

Due to the fact that the matter density as the distance from the massive body becomes less “wires” on the outer edge of the model in a greater degree removed from each other than domestic. The result is a continuum of density, described by the Schrodinger equations.

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Thus, perturbations in the accretion disk behave like particles, the distribution of which in the continuum can be predicted using quantum theory of scattering.

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