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Found a dangerous trend with respect to the magnetic field of the Earth

Найдена опасная тенденция относительно магнитного поля Земли Over the last 200 years the magnetic field has weakened by 15%.

The Earth’s magnetic field is the force that protects our planet from the harmful solar wind. That’s just in the future, the shield may be not so effective… each year, scientists record the weakening of the magnetic field. So, the weakening over the last 200 years is at the level of 15%.

Every 200-300 thousand electromagnetic field “switches”, that is, the poles change places. The last time this process occurred 780 thousand years hence, will soon be another shift. Now satellites record a strange sight in the core of the Earth, as it is known, starts the magnetic field. So, in the bowels of the earth iron and Nickel pull energy from the region of the nucleus. This point just leads scientists to believe that soon there will be a change of poles.

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Here are just some of the nuances described by a scientist from the University of Liverpool Richard Hill. So, a group of experts studied the state of the magnetic field 41 400 years ago and 34,000 years ago. In those periods, too, there was a change of poles. Interestingly, the current processes at all similar to what’s happened before.

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Maybe there will be inversion of the magnetic advantages of the Earth, said Daniel Baker of the laboratory of physics. Some regions of the planet may become uninhabitable due to failures in electric power systems. Inversion of the displays with the system satellites and the mobile system.

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