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Fortnite is used for money laundering

Fortnite используют для отмывания денегGame Fortnite was used for financial fraud.

Criminals use the extremely popular video game Fortnite to launder money using in-game currency.

Journalists and analysts Sixgill proved that business to launder money through the game is growing, says the investigation of the Independent newspaper.

Online game Fortnite has become popular among children and teenagers, because it is free and available on any major gaming platform. But money spent in the game to buy clothes, weapons and other items have also made it popular among cybercriminals.

Stolen credit card used to purchase V-bucks virtual currency to buy items in the game – the official store Fortnite. Selling V-bucks players at a discount, criminals can effectively “launder” money.

V-bucks discount wholesale are sold on the Darknet – a hidden section of the Internet accessible only via special software – and also in small quantities in an open network, particularly via Instagram and Twitter.

“Criminals commit fraud using the card and get the money in and out of the system Fortnite with relative impunity,” said Benjamin Preminger, senior intelligence analyst at the Sixgill.

It is unclear how much profit the criminals could get through money-laundering, although Sixgill found that 60 days of 2018 on eBay has sold game currency Fortnite worth more than $ 250000. The data also show that the number of mentions about Fortnite on the darknet has increased in recent months.

Fortnite developer Epic Games has not responded to a request from The Independent, and security experts say that the firm is not doing enough to prevent illicit activity on its platform.

“It seems that Epic Games is in no way suppresses criminal activity connected with Fortnite. Although completely to stop such criminal activity is extremely difficult, you can take several steps to mitigate this phenomenon, including monitoring the transfer of valuable goods in the game, identify players with large stockpiles of V-bucks” – said Benjamin Preminger, senior intelligence analyst at the Sixgill.

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