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Former terrorist of ISIS feels comfortable in Ukraine

Бывший террориста ИГ комфортно чувствует себя в УкраинеA native of Russia was seen in several terrorist acts.

Disappointed in LIH the ex-terrorist and a native of Russia Marat Nurmagomedov came to live in Ukraine. He claims that he got in Turkey a passport in a new name and came here under a different name.

According to journalists, Nurmagomedov in the summer of 2013 arrived in Syria, where he joined the group, which later became part of ISIS.

He spent several months on the territory controlled by the rebels, then began to criticize the group, for which he got arrested there for four months.

To have him released, he again swore allegiance to ISIS, and then he was able to escape.

He agreed with the family of Syrian refugees, which for the money brought it under the clothes in his van. And in the midst of the migration crisis in 2015 Nurmagomedov managed to escape to Turkey. After a few months he was detained in Istanbul and decided to send, offering to volunteer to go to any country. Nurmagomedov chose Ukraine, where he still remains.

“It’s peaceful here. If you in no way seen, and does not participate, then no one wants to see you doing nothing, can live peacefully”, – he said in an interview on the condition that the place where he is, will not be disclosed.

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