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Former producer Sergey Lazarev has told, who would give birth to a son from the singer

At the end of last year it became known that Sergey Lazarev has a son, whom he hid for two and a half years. The singer did not deny his paternity, but asked to show respect and not to interfere in his personal life.

The name of the woman who gave him a son, Sergei kept secret. Former producer artist Leonid dzyunik in an interview with “Interlocutor” said Lazarus gave birth to an heir does not love. “Based on recent events, I can assume that his son Sergei was born by a surrogate mother,” said the producer.

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According to Leonid, we cannot exclude the possibility that Sergey has a girlfriend, which he carefully hides. “Although I am familiar with one girl with whom he at one time close friends. I light a candle, of course, is not kept and can not say, but she told me that they had passionate sex. This girl is the same age, very cute, impressive!” — added dzyunik.

In the Network there were rumors that the son of Lazarus bore fan. This version eliminates Leonid: “of Course, he is very respectful to his fans, but always keeps the distance with them. And, by the way, is right! From fans can expect anything from a torn tuft of hair to the knife in the ribs!”

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The producer thinks that the singer did a few years hid the son. According to him, Sergei will be a good father: “Judging by the way he refers to his niece and mother, I can say that his child will grow in love and happiness!”

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