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Former “Miss Ukraine 2018”, spoke about his personal life

Экс "Мисс Украина 2018" рассказала о личной жизниVeronica also talked about his current activities.

Devoid of the title “Miss Ukraine 2018” Veronica Dedusenko does not surrender and continues to fight for the right of married and women with children to participate in the contest “Miss Ukraine”. Note that for this reason the girl was suspended, because, according to the rules of the contest, participants must not have kids and be married. Recall that the 23-year-old Veronica brings a 4.5-year-old son, a fact she hid when applying for participation in the competition. That, Dedusenko a child, became known after her victory in the contest. The organizing Committee of “Miss Ukraine” has decided to deprive Veronica of the title and pick a new “miss”.

At the dress rehearsal of the Vienna ball, which will be held April 13 in Kyiv, the girl is in exclusive comments Today.Lifestyle told what she’s doing at this stage if she’s married, and shared his son’s success.

The girl told about why decided to become a debutant of the Viennese ball: “I was invited by Ukrainian designer Olga Alenova, they called me and offered to participate as a debutante. I since the childhood was engaged in ballroom dancing and never participated in the ball, for me it is very interesting. I’m dancing with a wonderful partner, Pavel Chaika (Ukrainian soldier, hero of the ATO. – Ed.).

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Veronica continues to fight for women’s rights. For example, today, March 27, Dedusenko flew to London: “In London will do a picket near the office of Miss World to support my anti-discrimination campaign #RightToBeAMother (the right to be a mother. – Ed), also involved in the project Young Einsteines, participate in the Viennese ball,” explained Veronica.

Veronica admitted that in the modeling it is not so many time: “we are Now reframing my image, looking for new contracts, brands, cooperation.”

We also asked the girls whether to congratulate her on her marriage: “marriage yet, but I am fine, thanks for asking”. Recently it became known that Veronica got engaged with her lover – the 47-year-old businessman Gennady Hen.

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Dedusenko also told about the son: “He is 4.5 years. He goes to kindergarten. He loves it, now we will go with him to football, looking for the different sections, so it was interesting. Just a week ago he began to read himself and now walks the streets and reads all the signs (laughs). I’m very proud of. He is plodding, intelligent boy, it is easy to give a logical task.”

We asked how Veronica manages to spend time with his son: “Put the priorities may not at all events to go. The child is put to sleep myself, every night I spend with him. Do not go to any parties and so on. Work during the day and in the evening time to spend with my son.”

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